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This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by:                  Maxime GUILBOT

Updated by:                  Olivier JACQUES and an Anonymous Italian :)
Project's homepage:

Latest version available at:

See the file COPYING for license information.

PreferMenu is a plugin that implements a preferred channel menu.
It makes it easy to recall (switch to) your favorite channels.

- Type "make plugins" at VDR directory level (or DEBUG=1 make plugins)
- Edit the keymacros.conf file:
  vi keymacros.conf

  ---- sample keymacros.conf ----
  Blue      Timers
  Yellow    @prefermenu
  ---- sample keymacros.conf ----
  Please check VDR manual (man 5 vdr) for more informations on keymacros.conf

Prefer channel menu plugin can be tuned to your own preferences.
Go in Configuration/Plugins/prefermenu/ to access the setup menu.
Origin X   : X coordinate of the menu
Origin Y   : Y coordinate of the menu
Width      : Width of the menu (to tune with the biggest channel name you have)
Red        : Change this to change appearance of the menu (default is blue menu)
Green      :
Blue       :
Background opacity      : Opacity of the selected channel
                          (usually less than "selected channel opacity").
Selected channel opacity: Opacity of selected channel
Border opacity          : Opacity of menu borders
Sort by                 : Way to sort channels in the menu.
                           - "None": same order as channels.conf
                           - "Name": sort by alphabetic order
Close on switch         : Close the menu when switching to a channel.
                          This allow to display channel information

Add a prefered channel by pressing Green button.
Remove a prefered channel by pressing Red button.

Prefered Channel List is in prefermenu.conf
Configuration settings (color) are stored in VDR's setup.conf

I am watching VDR's mailing list 
(, so you can always contact 
me there. I also try to look at on a regular 
basis and understand the german posts :) But I'll answer in english!

2006-05-06: Version 0.6.6 - C.Y.M.
- Fix some colors on the OSD

2006-05-04: Version 0.6.5 - Ronny Kornexl
- Maintenance release for VDR 1.4.0

2005-01-23: Version 0.6.4
- Using the yellow and blue keys you can move channels up and down
  PreferMenu's channel list. Thanks to Alex Stansfield.

2005-01-12: Version 0.6.3 - Olivier Jacques, DOm and Ralf Klueber
- Fixed sorting under new VDR versions (>=1.3.17). Thanks to Mark Watson.
- Fixed some cString issues.

2004-05-18: Version 0.6.2 - Olivier Jacques, DOm and Ralf Klueber
- Transition Release to vdr-1.3.7, use cOsd insted of cOsdBase and chanches
  like that. The Whole OSD handlink is now more straighforward.
- Changed some method names to reflect the real use.

2004-01-09: Version 0.6.1 - Olivier Jacques, DOm and Ralf Klueber
- Added 'last channel' functionality, now you can tune to the
  last visited channel (last with prefermenu, not VDR)
  pressing the 0 key.
- Reintroduced symbols and borders.

2004-01-06: Version 0.6.0 - Olivier Jacques, DOm and Ralf Klueber
- Code cleanup to be ready for eventual new vdr features: removed
  duplicated code in favour of native vdr methods
- Fixed a bug: the plugin crashed if using a prefermenu.conf with
  more than 255 entries
- Simplified prefermenu aspect using native vdr color definitions
- Others many little changes

2003-04-30: Version 0.5.3 - Olivier Jacques, DOm and Ralf Klueber
- Added setup entry to either keep the preferred menu opened
  when pressing OK or close it (and get the channel info).
  Default is set to "yes" / close the preferred menu
- Added a border around +/- buttons (thanks to DOm)
- Possibility to sort by channel name, original VDR order or 
  "as entered" (default).
- Added setup entry which specifies the number of channels
  to be displayed in the menu (3, 5 or 7). Contributed by 
  Ralf Klueber.

2003-04-13: Version 0.5.2 - Olivier Jacques and DOm
- Added Alpha Border customization (thanks to DOm)
- Added help buttons to add and remove channel
- Fixed a crash when prefermenu is opened and one of the prefered 
  channels has been removed in VDR's channels.conf (thanks to 
  Manuel Hartl for reporting this one).

2003-02-20: Version 0.5.1 - Olivier Jacques and DOm
- Changed from channel number to unique channel IDs (thanks to DOm) 
  Unfortunately, this broke the "closest channel" auto-selection. We 
  are working on it :)
- Added support for right and left keys (page jump)
- Added support for repeated keys
- re-Added color customization (R/G/B and alpha)

2003-02-10: Version 0.5.0 - Never released / by DOm
- Adapted for VDR 1.1.2x (cOsd class use)
- Patch not needed anymore (use keymacros)
- Code Reorganization in Multiple files for an easier mantainance
- Changed the color for RemoveChannel ( Red is better )
- Changed the default menu aspect, it'a now more readable.
- Sorry for my english :)

2002-11-17: Version 0.4.0 - Olivier Jacques
- Adapted to changes in 1.1.14 and 1.1.15 related to channel switch
- At opening, selected channel is the closest to the current one

2002-09-07: Version 0.3.0 - Maxime Guilbot
- Now you can choose Prefered Channel pressing Green button (to add), 
yellow button (to remove)
- You can choose the color you want, and transparency !
- Now patched VDR can work without loading the plugin (before pressing 
red button crashes)

2002-09-05: Version 0.2.0 - Maxime Guilbot
- Many bugfixes !

2002-09-02: Version 0.1.0 - Maxime Guilbot
- Initial revision.