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This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by:                  Olivier JACQUES

Project's homepage:

See the file COPYING for license information.

Pilot is a plugin for VDR that brings the ability to fastly browse 
the EPG information (Extended Program Guide) without being forced
to switch to a channel.
It makes it easy to see what is going on on other channels while still
looking at the current channel.

- Type "make plugins" at VDR directory level
- Edit the keymacros.conf file:
  vi keymacros.conf
Blue      Timers
Red       @pilot
  Please check VDR manual (man 5 vdr) for more informations on keymacros.conf

Pilot plugin can be tuned to your own preferences.
Go in Configuration/Plugins/pilot/ to access the setup menu.
Origin X   : X coordinate of the menu
Origin Y   : Y coordinate of the menu
Width      : Width of the menu
Red        : Change this to change appearance of the menu (default is blue menu)
Green      :
Blue       :
Background opacity      : Background's window opacity
Text opacity            : Text's opacity
Border opacity          : Border's opacity
Close on OK             : Close the Pilot plugin when pressing OK button (in addition to 
                          switch to the selected channel). 
			  Otherwise, switch to the channel but keep the pilot opened.

UP  : go one channel up
DOWN: go one channel down
OK  : switch to the selected channel
BACK: exit Pilot plugin

Configuration settings (color) are stored in VDR's setup.conf

VDR Plugin 'pilot' Revision History
2006-05-04: Version 0.0.9
  - Maintenance release for vdr-1.4.0
    Provided by Ronny Kornexl

2005-01-17: Version 0.0.8
  - Maintenance release for vdr-1.3.18 (and up?)
    Provided by free-x and Thomas Gunther

2004-11-16: Version 0.0.7
  - Maintenance release for vdr-1.3.{8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16}
    From ThomasD on vdrportal. Note tha version below 1.3.8
    are no more supported starting from this release.
  - Fixed color issues with previous patch
  - Still transparency issues (will check that later)

2004-03-17: Version 0.0.6
  - Added support to vdr-1.3.6. Should still work with 1.2.6
    and up (not tested). Thanks to the guys at

2004-01-20: Version 0.0.5
  - vdr-1.3.x and vdr-1.2.x compliant, using VDRVERSNUM define
  - Finish translation by Rolf Ahrenberg
  - Added missing languages in i18n.h (vdr-1.3.2): to be filled!

2004-01-07: Version 0.0.4
  - EPG browsing is no more limited to current and next event. You
    can scroll through all the existing EPG of a channel.
    Yellow: scroll back in time
    Blue: scroll to the future
  - Fixed a crash when several adjascent groups where presents in
    channels.conf. Thanks to Sebastian Kemper for reporting this.

2003-07-01: Version 0.0.3c
  - Changed the way red/green buttons are displayed for DXR3 users.
    They should now be displayed properly, on the upper left of the
    pilot OSD. Thanks to Frank Scherthan for providing a patch.

2003-06-30: Version 0.0.3b
  - Fixed several DXR3's color (thanks to Frank Scherthan for reporting 
    this). Needs testing.
  - Fixed a continuus channel switching bug when using Ch+/Ch- keys
    (reported by Christian Jacobsen).
2003-06-26: Version 0.0.3
  - Added a limited color version for DXR3 users (accessible from setup
    menu). Thanks to Frank Scherthan for providing a patch.
  - Added detailed info for current program (Red key) and following program
    (Green key). Those keys are visible only if the information is 
    present. The detailed info can be scrolled up/down and closed with
    the Red or Back keys.
  - On channel group change (left/right keys), group + first channel of
    the group is displayed, instead of having to actually switch to the
2003-06-17: Version 0.0.2
  - Added direct channel selection with 0-9 keys
  - Added possibility to choose channel group with left/right keys
  - Fix a bug when switching one channel down while being on the first channel
2003-06-16: Version 0.0.1 - Initial release
To do:
- Provide complete information on one program (current and following)

I am watching VDR's mailing list 
(, so you can always contact 
me there. I also try to look at on a regular 
basis and understand the german posts :) But I'll answer in english!